The Truth of You

In a world were everyone seems to have something to say about everything, I often felt wrong for not having a comment or opinion that I felt was necessary to share. As I have gone through life and mostly over the last few years, I have been given great opportunities to self reflect. I realized that being me is okay, it is okay to be quiet, listen, digest, and file. Even through this learning of self acceptance I have struggled and lose my seat/lose my mind because I would get so caught up in all the things and all the words. This never ended in my favor.

Over the last three days I have sat in a classroom with nothing that I felt needed to be said, but the opportunity came, after all of my silence I chimed in. I was later approached by several people who shared that they wanted listen because I had not chimed in throughout all of our time together. As I sit back and mindfully reflect on my day, I realized that not all thoughts need to be spoken, and when you choose your words wisely often more is heard when less is said. Lastly I realized that there is so much beauty that can be found in just being you. Being comfortable with who you are as a person. Showing gratified towards your strengths and truly seeing yourself for who you are instead of what you are not. Be true my friends. Namaste

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