Simplicity-Find your more in less

Within Simplicity is beauty.  We live in a world were we say too much, think too much, have too much.  By taking a step back and pausing in the moment we can learn to appreciate what is all around us.  It is really up to each individual to create simplicity within their life.  Today, I had so many moments that I could have ignored, but I chose to slow down and pause to appreciate the simple things around me.  I chose to stand outside and take in the clouds drifting through the sky instead of sitting in a waiting room with no windows at the car dealership.  As I stepped out of my car at Target I noticed the smell of lilacs and literally stopped to smell the flowers.  While checking out of Target I noticed the older women behind me had two large cases of water, and asked her if she needed help getting it out of her cart.  She said no, they will scan them, but I do need help getting them in my car.  I told her I had her and not to worry.  Adrianna and I stood their waiting for her to finish checking out, and then she asked a Target associate for someone to help put them in her car.  I once again said, “I got you.”  She was overwhelmed, I told her I had no where to be and was in no rush.  To me this seem so small and she reminded me of my grandmother so I just wanted to help.  She continued to go on about my kindness and asked questions about my daughter, and as we left with her cart in hand, she shared her name and said that she would add me to her prayer list. Slowing down for just a few hours, not only brought me joy; it brought joy to those around me.  Take a moment to pause and ask yourself what can I simplify today to create spaciousness for myself.

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