All About Niché Yoga

Mind, Body, Breath

In 2017, I was looking for something different to add to my workout regime.  I found a yoga studio that offered unlimited yoga for two weeks for a very small price.  I gave it a go and fell in love.  Yoga brought me mental and physical strength.  It help me tune into my ego, and help me notice how often I was getting in my own way.  When life became challenging yoga was there;  it brought me emotional release, it set me up for affirmative love of myself and it gave me the pep talk that I always needed unbeknownst to me.  After a year of practicing a last minute opportunity to be certified at the very studio I had been training at came to fruition, I couldn't pass up!  During my 200 hour training I learned that yoga is so much more than a movement of the body, it is a way of life.  During my training I found my voice and my passion within yoga.  I firmly believe in the power of breath, gratitude, and self compassion.  

Throughout my yoga journey I had the support of those around me.  My largest supporter is my husband; as we spoke one night about my yoga journey we both realized that I had found my niche, and with that my biggest supporter branded my yoga business.  

My mission is to share yoga with all; bringing to them the support that yoga brought to me.  I also aim to serve those who currently serve or have served in the military.  I hope to add to their resiliency toolbox; through the mind, body, and breath connection.

Yoga at Home